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31,5x31,5 in ~ Collages, Autre

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Toujours création sur collage de papiers (journaux, livres ou autres). Patchwork de matières, création mêlant travail sur support numérique suivi de déchirés-recollés, puis de mots écrits en surimpression pour faire apparaître les reliefs, les ombres & les lumières...
Ici la série de mots utilisés... cinema lovers... precious moments...

I worked with digital media on a photo to insert typed words (“cinema lovers & precious moments” in English in the painting) and some other effects. I printed my creation, tore it in pieces and reconstituted my design by gluing the pieces on the canvas. Then handwritten words (“cinema lovers & precious moments” always in English) are thrown here and there, more or less numerous. They’re written with blue, white or red inks according to the drawing. At last I finalized my painting with pencils, inks and acrylic superimposed on this patchwork. (31in x 31in)

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